Blog: New CPA Series 2018 – Savannah Noel

May 4th, 2018

We are pleased to continue our series introducing one of our new CPA’s of 2018:

Savannah Noel, Yellowknife

Savannah was born in rural Newfoundland, raised in Northern British Columbia and finished high school and University back in Newfoundland. She loves animals, sightseeing (in the summer lol) and spending a relaxing day at home playing video games and watching Netflix with my boyfriend.

Why did you originally choose to start or continue your career at Crowe MacKay LLP

One of our new partners actually motivated me to make the change. I had originally declined the interview because I had other offers on the table that I had to respond to the day after my scheduled Crowe MacKay interview. I knew I wanted to leave Newfoundland eventually, but as a new university graduate, I didn’t feel like I could ask a company to give me a job offer in 1 day, or that I could turn down a perfectly good job offer in Newfoundland in hopes of an opportunity somewhere else.

Shortly after declining the interview, I got a call from Matthew Bannister saying that I should just come talk to the interviewers as he was in a similar position to me a few years prior. I attended the interview and loved what they had to say. It seemed like heading to Yellowknife would give me the best work and life experiences (including travel to parts of the North that I didn’t even know existed) as well as amazing support through the CPA program.

After being with Crowe MacKay LLP Yellowknife for almost 3 years now, I can say that I definitely made the right decision.

If you were to do it all again (CFE Prep), what would you do differently, if anything?

Listen to the good advice you hear early on in the program. The final months leading up to the CFE would have been much easier if I had listened earlier in the program. Write your practice cases in each module in the recommended time and debrief your cases. This process will get you through the CFE, don’t fight the process!

What part of the CPA training program do you feel is differential and a factor for success?

Our mentors care, there is a team of people that are dedicated to getting Crowe MacKay students through the program. At Crowe MacKay, you are given whatever personalized support you need to pass the CFE.

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