Services: Valuations

Our skilled team of market specialists on business valuation has the accounting knowledge, expertise and acute business instincts necessary to assist you in the financial valuation of your business, including any goodwill.

We provide our clients with an independent business valuation report, an advisory report or an expert report. Our trained valuation accountants and management accountants carefully analyze all aspects of your business and your financial investments to accurately gauge the fair market value, investment value and intrinsic value of your organization, or provide thorough advisory analyses of your financial situation, an in-depth study of financial statements and a financial assessment of your accounting-management practices to provide you with tailored and professional accounting consultations on the financial health and financial state of your business.

The niche expertise of chartered business valuators can be required in the following situations:

  • Buying or selling businesses,
  • Merging with an existing business,
  • Resolving shareholder disputes,
  • Resolving matrimonial disputes,
  • Business interruption insurance claims,
  • Litigation support,
  • Corporate reorganizations,
  • Estate planning, or
  • Settling valuation disputes with Canada Revenue Agency.

For more information on how we can assist with your taxation issues, please contact your local Crowe MacKay office.

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