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The potential impact of an interruption to business operation as a result of information systems related incidents is growing. Besides the risk to business operations, a business could face reputational risk and legal and compliance risks.
Crowe Mackay’s technology risk management incorporates the following aspects of risk mitigation in a business’s information systems:

IT Risk Advisory Services

  • Identifying threats and the risk they pose to business operations;
  • Identifying critical networks, systems and data that are essential to the continued operation of the business;
  • Understanding the role of governance and leadership in managing risk;
  • Taking stock of available technologies;
  • Understanding the legal implications of the incident
  • Implementing an incident response;

Given the complex and ever-changing nature of the technology landscape, it is difficult to pinpoint a single risk management approach that can appropriately address all the vulnerabilities of a business’ information systems. Crowe Mackay will help design a risk mitigation strategy for a business based on its business goals and use of technology.

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