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Personal-Insolvency Services: Introduction

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At some time in their life, most people will experience financial problems, financial-planning challenges and financial roadblocks as they pertain to insolvency, personal bankruptcy and personal financial debt. If you find yourself in a personal financial predicament, there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. The trusted financial experts at Crowe MacKay LLP can help you regain control of your personal finances and give you the tools to rebuild a better, more financially secure future.

Filing for personal bankruptcy is not your only option. Once you have all the information you need form a thorough personal financial audit consultation from Crowe MacKay, you will be able to make an informed decision and choose the financial-recovery option that is best for you.

The personal-bankruptcy trustees and administrators at Crowe MacKay LLP are qualified to assist you with personal budgeting, consumer proposals, personal-insolvency issues, financial-recovery audits and options, custom personal-accounting solutions and many other debt-related problems including personal financial bankruptcy.

We offer you a free, personal-finance consultation on your financial situation, looking at your personal assets, financial expenses and liabilities, income and personal-revenue sources, personal financial investments and budgeting concerns to assess your financial situation. We guarantee respect, confidentiality and custom-tailored expert advice.

Crowe MacKay LLP administers financial proposals and personal bankruptcies. We will meet with you and advise you on your personal-financial options, including credit counselling and other issues related to personal financial debt. In order to advise you in a meaningful way, we ask you to complete an application form prior to meeting with us.Click here for an application form.

If the matter is urgent and you need immediate answers, do not hesitate to call us in advance of completing an application. We are here to answer your questions about turning your financial life around to you move forward, relieve the stress and reestablish your financial-credit ratings and your overall personal financial health.
Crowe MacKay & Company offers Insolvency services at three locations in the Vancouver Lower Mainland:

Vancouver Branch

1100 – 1177 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC, V6E 4T5
Tel. 604.689.3928

Burnaby Branch

(non-resident office)
300 – 3665 Kingsway (at Boundary)

Vancouver, BC, V5R 2W2
Tel. 604.638.7211

Surrey Branch

(non-resident office)
#200, 5455-152nd Street
Surrey, BC, V6W 1K5
Tel. 604.591.6181

For more information about personal-insolvency, personal-financial issues and how our chartered-professional accountants can help provide you with a strategy for turning your financial life around, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.


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