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For many organizations, growth hinges on global expansion. But the international movement of employees can present challenges that are vastly different from domestic relocations. Current knowledge of tax rules, compensation reporting and other employment-related issues for mobile employees are critical to minimizing your company’s employment-related tax and compliance burden. Implementing best practices for international assignment policies, along with effective planning and preparation for each assignment aid efficiency and enhance the overall employment experience. Managing the cross-border tax, immigration and social security compliance for your globally mobile employees can be extremely complex and time-consuming.

Crowe MacKay LLP provides global mobility services to help organizations plan, develop, implement, and manage international assignment programs. We work to reduce company and employee tax liabilities before and after an international assignment/travel begins through strategic tax planning, process efficiencies, policies and aligned business strategies.

Our global mobility services include:

  • Employee tax compliance services and tax consulting
  • Mobile employee management advisory services
  • Track and monitor activities of short term business travelers and cross-border workers
  • Employer risk management and compliance assistance
  • Global mobility policy design and implementation
  • Global payroll and benefits reporting and consulting
  • Expatriation planning and Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) reviews

Our global mobility services are guided by tax professionals, many of whom have a firsthand understanding of employee and company issues as former expatriates and cross-border workers. Our teams take advantage of their unique perspectives to enhance the overall client experience with Crowe MacKay LLP.

Regular Contact

Crowe MacKay LLP values each client relationship and our professionals regularly converse with home and host tax specialists to help mitigate compliance-related risks, effectively manage tax obligations, and minimize tax-related anxiety for the internationally mobile employee and the employer.

Integrative Approach

Our professionals understand the complexity of operating across multiple tax jurisdictions. We align our processes and expertise with your objectives to support the needs of your cross-border employee population effectively and efficiently.

Mobility Mondays

Our Global Mobility experts recognize the complexities faced by organizations and employees. Our focus is to simplify.

So many technical disciplines have to collaborate to deliver the right employee experience, compliance, and cost management. There is a lot of technical jargon in the area and we would like to demystify some of this.

Every Monday get your break down of Global Mobility, as our Crowe experts answer your questions.

Follow along and be confident in your next global endeavor.


From the Global Mobility Services Practice

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