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Personal-insolvency Services: Forms

Application Form for Individuals

In order for LLP to assess an individual’s financial position and to provide the best financial-advisory options for an individual’s financial planning, it is necessary to meet with the individual. Prior to the meeting, you should complete the application form and bring it to our first meeting. Completing the form allows you to think through all of your assets and liabilities to best gauge your financial situation and it enables us to better advise you on your financial health in regards to personal-insolvency issues so that our professional accountants can best help you get back to the black.

Application Form.doc
Application Form.pdf

Proof of Claim Form

Creditors wishing to lodge a claim with us in respect of any bankruptcy or proposal must complete the Proof of Claim.

Proof of Claim, Form 31.doc
Proof of Claim, Form 31.pdf

Proof of Claim Property

Form 74 is to be completed by anyone claiming that property in the possession of Crowe MacKay LLP as trustee or receiver belongs to the claimant (i.e., the creditor). This would apply to goods stored on a debtor’s premises not belonging to the debtor, to unpaid suppliers who are claiming the right to recover goods delivered within 30 days and in special circumstances to farmers, fishermen and aquaculturists who have the right to reclaim goods.

Proof of Claim (Property), Form 74.doc
Proof of Claim (Property), Form 74.pdf

Income and Expense Statement

A debtor (a person who files for bankruptcy) is required to complete this form on a monthly basis about their personal and family monthly income and monthly expenses, and provide the form to their trustee, the person licensed by Canada’s Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy to administer bankruptcy proceedings on the debtor’s behalf.

Income and Expense Statement.xls


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