Services: Cloud migration and management

Almost all businesses using technology is currently using a cloud provided service. The use of cloud-based services will only grow in the future as more and more applications and services are provided via the cloud. Crowe cloud architecture team can assist management in deciding if, when, what and how to migrate applications to the cloud. Design and build the cloud architecture and manage the services in the cloud.

Migration & Management Services

  • Data backup and recovery. Help businesses move their backup from physical devices like tapes to the cloud. This will ensure very high durability and reliability of the backup and the data can be retrieved/restored in a few hours.
  • Cloud migration services. Help design and architect solutions to move applications from on premise to the cloud infrastructure.
  • Hybrid cloud. Help design and architect solutions to manage data interfaces between on premise and cloud based applications.
  • Manage cloud infrastructure. Help monitor and manage cloud infrastructure and costs.

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