Sell or Buy a Business

You’ve made the decision. You want to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, run your own business, be your own boss. Or after years of hard work and sacrifice, you are ready to reap the rewards by finding a suitable buyer who has the capacity to continue to grow your business.

Whatever side of the table you are sitting on, whether as the buyer or the seller, there are a number of considerations, steps and opportunities that your Crowe MacKay advisor can guide you through.

Some factors to consider:

  • Brand & Relationships – the value of the brand versus building one from scratch and its relationships with customers, suppliers and the business community in general
  • Staffing – the significance of a trained team that has both the knowledge and established connections to grow the business
  • Cash flow and Risk – do the historical cash flows of the company show that they’ll cover the debt servicing costs for the acquisition? A sufficient level of salary? Dividends?
  • Franchising options – is the business part of a franchise? Could it be developed into one?
  • What exactly is for sale – land, buildings, inventory, brand, marketing tools, goodwill or perhaps the shares of the company?

The decision to buy or sell is not one to be undertaken lightly, but your Crowe MacKay advisor is here to assist you in both the development and execution of your strategy.

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