Industries: Medical Practices

At Crowe MacKay, we know the business of healthcare. We are acutely aware of the rapidly changing landscape in the medical field and its impact on your business and your personal financial goals and accounting goals. We also understand that no two medical practices and no two physicians are alike and should not be treated as such; the accounting challenges and issues facing a cardiology practice, for example, are vastly different than those facing a pediatric practice/physician.

The experienced accounting experts at Crowe MacKay LLP know that medical practices are businesses just like any other. Tax principles and basic accounting principles for medical practices are extremely important for the financial sustainability of your office. From a business perspective, patients receive doctor services as customers, doctors obtain medical equipment and testing equipment as business supplies and building, maintenance and staff costs all contribute to accounting and financial bookkeeping. Collecting payments, maintaining accounting records, dealing with tax requirements for medical practices in Western Canada and Northern Canada and how medical-insurance issues affect business bookkeeping are all circumstances that medical practices must face.

Our financial professionals have the knowledge and experience to factor in all of the variables to help grow your medical practice in Western Canada or Northern Canada and profits, and help you meet your personal financial goals from the day you start your medical office. Crowe MacKay is here to consult on your accounting needs for your medical practice, including auditing, bookkeeping and tax services.

To learn more about how our professionals can provide accounting services for your Canadian medical practice, please contact one of our team members or your local Crowe MacKay office

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