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Aboriginal Accounting Services: Governance

With our years of intimate experience working with Aboriginal communities, Crowe MacKay accountants understand the importance of strong leadership. Inuit, Métis and First Nations groups need to be flexible and innovative by utilizing effective resources, improving efficiencies and displaying financial accountability and transparency in their actions.

At Crowe MacKay LLP, we offer a tailored approach to our financial-governance services. We will provide your community’s leadership with a variety of customized tools to help resolve accounting issues and improve leadership and financial-governance abilities. Through our training sessions, our team will assist in navigating through key governance best practices among Aboriginal communities. Our goal is to help your community enhance their current structure and build trust and support among others in the community.

We consult Aboriginal communities on effective accounting governance practices and provide assistance in planning and implementing a strong financial system, customized for your Aboriginal community. Contact one of our Aboriginal-services accountants or your local Crowe MacKay office today to learn more about how the governance-accounting professionals at Crowe MacKay can make your community stronger.


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