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Aboriginal Accounting Services: Economic-Development Activities

The financial decisions you make today will impact your ability to achieve future success. In order to create a sound strategic accounting and economic plan for your Aboriginal community, you must carefully evaluate your financial goals for the future, in relation to your available resources and opportunities.

At Crowe MacKay, our team tailors services to meet the long-term economic needs and financial needs of your organization. We will work closely with your leadership to understand your concerns, design optimal solutions and deliver measurable results through an integrated economic-development plan.

Crowe MacKay’s proven knowledge and experience allows us to act as your central source for economic-development activities. We can assist you with:

  • Development of economic strategies and flows;
  • Preparation of business plans;
  • Preparation of financial projections for new projects and refinancing of existing projects;
  • Development of tax-effective business-development structures; and
  • Review and analysis of market studies.

Our financial-planning experts can help your community prepare and sustain a scalable economic-development organization for your Aboriginal community, to help attract business for your members and grow existing businesses so that they can thrive.

Contact one of our Aboriginal-services accountants or your local Crowe MacKay office today to learn more about how the economic-development professionals at Crowe MacKay can make your community stronger.


From the Economic Development Activities Practice

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