Careers: Tips from Your Peers

We know that tips from our peers is often what resonates best. We sat down with some of our recent graduates to ask them for their best insight, advice and words of wisdom on making it through the Common Final Evaluation (CFE). Here is a selection of what they had to share:

‘When you’re in an exam situation and see that question that you weren’t expecting, find the requireds. The requireds are your lifeline to a successful response because they focus you on the needs of your client, boss or other individuals described in the simulation.’

‘The CFE is a bit like running a marathon. Success results from being motivated every day, making incremental gains, and focusing on your long term goal.’

‘One of the secrets to CFE success is balance. Your brain needs time to consolidate your learning, and you need time to restore your physical, mental and emotional state. So make sure your study process is balanced with activities that are completely unrelated to the CFE.’

‘A critical part of your preparation strategy involves having your practice cases marked by your mentor. They’ll provide objective feedback to enable you to make the right corrective actions.’

‘It’s impossible to know all of the technical knowledge that’s examinable during the CFE. But it’s very realistic to know all of the technical content that has a high probability of being tested. So start your study by focusing on the frequently tested topics.’

‘It’s essential that you have good study cards, but spend time developing them by yourself. Studies show that retention is much higher when you make your own study cards.’

‘My secret to the CFE program is planning. You’ll get much more out of our preparatory program if you have the necessary technical knowledge at the right time in the process and can focus on skills development. So plan your technical review to position yourself to get the maximum benefit from the program.’

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