Careers: Our CFE secret weapon: Meet Robin

Our CFE Secret Weapon: Meet Robin

The Crowe MacKay Approach

The objective of our CPA preparatory program is to equal or exceed the pass rates of the Big Four firms and to achieve that we have integrated it with the best Common Final Evaluation (CFE) coaches in CanadaBruce Densmore and his team of professionals.

In January of each year, the program begins with Densmore delivering an intensive, in-house, two-day preparatory session for Crowe MacKay’s CFE candidates. The session introduces our students to the most successful and proven approach to the CFE. During the session, CFE mentors mark responses to simulated CFE questions and provide each student with feedback based on their results.

Later in the year, our students attend the intensive Densmore CFE training where they again use the same approach and again receive feedback on their responses to simulated CFE questions.

Following best practices, we assign a mentor to each student for the duration of the summer study period. Our mentors are trained to mark simulated CFE questions, provide guidance and insight specificto each student’s needs, and monitor weekly results to help our students achieve a successful outcome on the CFE.

Our mentors and Director of Training are on call 24/7 during the last week of the study period, and throughout the exam to support their candidate whenever necessary.