Blog: Peter Woodruff: Reputation and Relationships

May 31st, 2016 Peter Woodruff, Accountant, Whitehorse

Peter Woodruff, based in Whitehorse, became Associate Partner in January of 2016, making him one of the firm’s newest Associate Partners. Representing the firm’s next generation of leaders, Peter is this month’s feature partner.

Like many in his northern community, Peter’s path north was not a straight line. With stops in Chicago, Vancouver, Victoria and Japan – it was Whitehorse’s vibrant community that encouraged Peter to finally put down roots.

But in some ways, his path was really a full circle. When asked what drew him into this career, Peter said “When I was young, I really looked up to my dad who began his career as a CA in the UK and CPA in Chicago. The knowledge and skills he acquired in obtaining those designations provided the foundation that allowed him to achieve success throughout his career.”

“After getting my history degree from the University of Victoria I spent two years teaching English in Japan and enjoying discovering a new culture and country. By the time I returned to Canada I had decided that accounting was the profession that married my interests and natural skills so I went to UBC to go through their Diploma in Accounting program.”

But what was the pull that brought and kept him in Whitehorse? “I always thought that after I obtained my designation I would leave public practice, go into industry like my Dad, and probably leave Whitehorse. In my first year after writing the UFE (Uniform Evaluation) I was given so many interesting opportunities to explore what it means to be in public practice. No outside opportunities have interested me more than what I do here. Crowe MacKay and specifically the Whitehorse office have allowed me to always continue to seek new professional opportunities that I don’t think I would have been afforded to outside of our firm or office.”

Peter describes his motivation as coming from “the continuous learning and evolving nature of our profession and particularly public practice. I enjoy working with my clients to assist them through challenges to realize their goals. A big attraction to being part of a public practice CPA training office is helping others progress in their professional career by navigating the education process to earn their designation.”

When it came to choosing a firm in which to start and build his career, he appreciated Crowe MacKay’s history in the community. He explains further “In a smaller centre it is all about reputation and relationships. My clients are looking to get the best package of professional financial and tax services. The reputation that has been fostered by this firm in Whitehorse for the last 45 plus years is unmatched. Additionally, many of my clients are aware and appreciative of the access we have to knowledge and skill-sets beyond our office to within the entire firm and our international network.”

Peter’s deep affection for his adopted home would lead you to believe he was a Yukoner from birth. “It is such a vibrant small city with opportunities to satisfy all interests… the outdoors, the arts, sports, you name it. Before moving here I was concerned about the remoteness, the climate, and meeting new people. But it’s only two hours to fly to BC or Alberta, a two-hour drive to the ocean, and almost everyone here came for a summer and has stayed for years – so we all were new once!”

Peter appreciates the spirit of community and unity within both Whitehorse and Crowe MacKay. “Giving back is even more important in smaller communities and I think of it as not so much “giving back” but rather “being part” of a community. Everyone has busy lives but finding time to enrich the community we live in is very important to me and why I am on several volunteer boards.”

You can take the boy out of Chicago but not his love for the Bears. Peter shared that his bucket list includes “going back with my family to see the Bears at home in Solder Field, preferably beating the Green Bay Packers.” We can’t blame you for that Peter.

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