Blog: Logan Hoffert is #AuditorProud

September 27th, 2018

As part of September 27th’s #AuditorProud day, we learn from Crowe MacKay LLP Vancouver Partner, Logan Hoffert on his experience in the Auditor role and exactly what makes him #AuditorProud.

Tell us about the early years of your career…
“I first became interested in accounting with a bookkeeping course in high school and decided to pursue it when I went to university. I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a major in Accounting and have been working in public practice at Crowe MacKay ever since.”

Tell us about your Auditor role with CMLLP…
“I am a Partner, primarily servicing owner/manager businesses of small and medium sizes. I have a mixture of engagements including audit, review, and compilations. I am also one of our firm’s quality control reviewers. I am our Caseware template head, which includes managing the use and updates of CHIAT in our firm, as well as our other Caseware templates.”

How do you combine your interest in tech with an auditing role? 
“In university I took Computer Science then Management Information System courses. It wasn’t until third year when my classmates in Computer Science realized I wasn’t actually in their field. That started my focus on technology, and from there, it has grown over the years. I am the chair of our firm’s Innovation and Technology Committee, and piloting an AI analytical tool, Mindbridge, for use in our firm. “

Tell us something interesting about the audit profession we wouldn’t normally be aware of…
“While AI and other audit tools are here and are continuing to improve, it doesn’t mean us auditors will be replaced or out of job. Instead, we need to be the ones learning and adopting these tools. By doing this, we can stay relevant, and improve our productivity. Having an independent party verify information will always have value. Just how we verify will change.”

What makes you most proud to be an auditor?

“Providing clarity of information to the user of financial information makes me proud. The ability for stakeholders to be able to look at our work and know they can rely on the information presented rather than suspect its veracity, promotes commerce in a way that many likely take for granted.”


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