Blog: Global Accounting Firms: International Opportunities and Experiences

November 2nd, 2018

As part of a global network of accounting firms, we are afforded many opportunities for growth not only in our industry, but for our employees and their professional paths. Our firm, Crowe MacKay LLP, is part of Crowe Global, the 8th largest global accounting network in the world. With over 800 offices, Crowe employees are given opportunity for international travel for work. This may come as attending global conferences or events.

International work and travel opportunity with Crowe MacKay may also come as an official transfer, where an employee resigns from their home office, and begins employment as an official employee of the new office. This type of work can be considered a huge advantage for employees who are required to move across borders for reasons other than work.

In 2016, Matt Meyer of our Edmonton office took advantage of just that type of opportunity when he moved to London, UK with his wife, who was in the process of earning her Master’s degree at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Although our firm was sad to see him depart, it was assuring to know he could continue on his career path with Crowe UK.

Matt worked with Crowe UK from September, 2016 – August, 2018, and learned a few things about how business is conducted around the globe and the complexity of various businesses and their environments. While with Crowe UK, he worked on audits for companies located in Netherlands, Greece, Slovakia, Australia, and Argentina, and worked with multinational clients (many of whom are listed on the AIM). These type of audit engagements, as well as a new knowledge of other countries’ accounting and audit practices, are what Matt describes as the highlights of his work transfer.

It did not all come so easy, however, as Matt outlines these were also some of the biggest challenges of doing work in another country:

“The thing I struggled with the most was getting up to speed with the accounting and tax rules that applied. There are a number of additional legislative requirements when filing annual accounts in the UK that do not exist in Canada.”

While Matt had to learn about local accounting law, and multinational audits, there was also the task of learning about the new culture he was submersed in. He recalls it was odd being the one with the “funny accent.” But being the new guy didn’t last for long, and Matt thoroughly enjoyed, and appreciates, the contacts he made and the social aspects, like after work social functions. On the culture of London itself, Matt describes it as “amazing,” and urges anyone involved in cross-border travel to “enjoy every minute of it” like he did, and to “jump in!” (plus, he can now add ‘soccer player’ to his resume).

Welcome back to Edmonton, Matt!

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